How do Shared Accounts work?

You can share an account with as many people as you want - perfect for tracking expenses with family or friends. 

To do this, you must:

1) Own the account being shared (i.e. you were the one that created it)

2) Be logged-in with a Moni account with sync enabled. 

You can invite people via email address by clicking into the account page's Share Settings as shown above. The person doesn't have to already be a Moni user, but they'll need to sign up in order to see your account. An invite with complete instructions will be sent to them.

As an account owner, you can add or remove members to the account at any time via the same screen - giving you complete control over who can see and manage that account.

Members can leave the account at any time and the transactions will not be removed or modified. However, if the account owner deletes the account, it - and its transactions - will be removed from all member devices as well.

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